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Published December 27, 2019

What is email marketing?

  1. The business of selling email addresses and other email-related info to outside companies to utilize in their marketing strategies.
  2. The process of using email to reach customers in an engaging and informative way.
  3. The art of providing email designs in a public facing "marketplace" for companies to bid on and purchase for commercial use.

The Answer is B.

Email Marketing is the process of utilizing emails to reach your customers—new and old—in an engaging and informative way.

This is often accomplished by incorporating CTAs and special offers into your marketing emails in order to provide your subscribers with something valuable and unique.

Content, though in email format, should follow similar guidelines as your site copy and blogs—the addition of videos, CTAs, and relevant imagery will all go a long way in helping to attract the attention of your top prospects.

Design, when coupled with optimized content, can go a long way in elevating your email above the rest.

When looking through their inbox, the only thing your contacts will see upon an initial glance is a “from” field and a subject line. If these two elements are not carefully crafted, the design and messaging within will be rendered pointless. 

The ultimate goal of all successful marketing emails is to marry striking aesthetic elements with focused, intentional messaging. Accomplish this goal, and you'll be sure to enjoy the results of your efforts.

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