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Published August 13, 2019

What is company culture?

  1. A list of rules defined by management, created to ensure that co-workers get along with one another.
  2. A set of shared values that members of a company practice every single day.
  3. The importance of diversity in the workplace.

The Answer is B.

Company culture is your company's personality, and it exists whether you choose to define it or not. Typically, it's comprised of elements such as the workplace environment, and the priorities, pace, tone, and overall attitude of those who work there.

Above all, company culture defines your values—what is truly important to you, and why you do what you do.

Defining your company culture— or culture code, as we lovingly refer to ours—can be an incredibly rewarding and beneficial process. When you include a spectrum of participants in the conversation, this honest self-reflection can act as a great team-building exercise. It also helps to ensure that they—the founding members who helped transform discussion into declaration—fully buy in, and more importantly, it reinforces that the culture code accurately reflects a collection of values which truly exist.

A company's culture serves a similar purpose to a mission statement, in that these tools can be used to not only attract and align internal employees, but also to bring into the fold potential clients or customers.

It is easy for people to understand "what" you do. A culture code helps define the "why?"

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