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Published November 18, 2019

What is closed loop reporting?

  1. An error in a CRM report in which an existing contact is mistakenly marked as new, creating a loop in its lifecycle.
  2. A report documenting how many customers returned to make additional purchases after their initial one.
  3. A reporting process which collects data about contacts from the moment they find your website to when they become a customer.

The Answer is C.

The end goal of any marketing and sales campaign, especially one which follows an inbound philosophy, is to ultimately cultivate a delighted customer, one who is eager to return and recommend your company to his/her friends and family.

Closed-loop reporting is one of the most important tools used to achieve this objective for your company. 

Successful lead nurturing is accomplished by carefully crafting the customer experience from the moment a prospect arrives on your website to the instant he/she converts to a customer—ensuring each web page, email, sales call, and interaction is well-executed. 

You’re unlikely to reach this point by guessing, though! Instead, you’ll need to “close the loop.”

The key to closed loop reporting is active and continuous communication between the marketing and sales teams, as well as using a centralized platform to track all contacts and deals—much like the one provided by HubSpot. By doing so, it will be possible to comprehensively analyze the unique journey of each website visitor along the path to becoming a customer. 

Once you have closed the loop, you’ll be in a much better position to replicate those user experiences which ultimately produced happy customers, as well as improve upon those that didn’t.

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