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Published February 14, 2020

What is cache?

  1. Cache is stored data, usually from a website, that helps a program or device work faster the next time it accesses that same data.
  2. Cache is hidden code that tracks and stores a user's activity on a website.
  3. Cache is a web design language used to describe the layout and appearance of HTML code.

The Answer is A.

If you've ever had an issue with your web browser or a website, an IT tech has likely told you to "clear your cache."

Cache (pronounced CASH) is a temporary storage area that helps your computer work more efficiently the next time it attempts to access that data.

You may have noticed that the very first time you visit a website, things load a little more slowly. The next time you visit it, however, content snaps into place much more quickly. This is because your browser is leveraging the stored data saved locally on your computer. Therefore, cache can save lots of time for users, especially folks dealing with slower Internet connection speeds.

Even though it's a great thing, it should still be cleared fairly regularly. A website is comprised of hundreds—or even thousands—of different files, and those files can be altered, removed, or replaced. If your browser still has an old version of that content cached, you won't see the most recent version of the site, or the site may load incorrectly/incompletely. Clearing your cache (and your cookies) will often fix these issues.

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