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Published January 16, 2020

What is an SQL?

  1. An SQL is a Sales Qualified Lead – a visitor who is considered knowledgeable enough about a product or service to engage in sales activities on behalf of the company.
  2. An SQL is a Superior Quality Link – an outbound link from your website to a source considered to be highly authoritative.
  3. An SQL is a Sales Qualified Lead – a lead who has engaged with sales materials and agents enough to be considered highly motivated to buy, and is therefore designated as a high priority for the sales team.

The Answer is C.

SQL stands for Sales Qualified Lead.

The customer lifecycle stage which follows the Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) stage, SQL status is assigned to those contacts who have had enough positive interactions with the sales team to be considered prime candidates for becoming customers in the near future. 

Think of this phase in terms of a member of the sales team reviewing a contact and the chain of interactions and confirming his/her status as a motivated buyer who’s almost ready to make a purchase, saying, “This contact is close to becoming a customer! We should designate him/her a high priority to facilitate closing the deal.”

Contacts are typically moved to this stage once they begin looking at pricing pages or requesting quotes/consultations. 

After the Sales Qualified Lead stage comes the Opportunity stage, followed by the Customer stage and, hopefully, the Evangelist stage!

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