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Published October 25, 2019

What is an outbound link?

  1. A link from your website to another website.
  2. A link from another website to your website.
  3. A link from your website to other pages on your site.

The Answer is A.

An outbound link is one which directs from your website to another site—sort of like this link to an article by Dharmesh Shah on why outbound links are important.

See what we did there?

Those new to inbound marketing may ask why on earth you would ever want to send visitors to another site—and it's a valid question for those just starting out in the field—but the fact is you need to link out to other websites in order to offer visitors an optimal user experience.

To Google, links are one of the most important ranking factors and serve as key indicators of whether a website is providing informative answers to popular user queries.

Websites which utilize a combination of inbound and oubound links are best equipped to share high quality content, thus giving visitors—and Google—ample reason to hold them in high regard.  

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