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Published February 20, 2020

What is an OG image?

  1. The Optimized GIF image: a digital image format that can support animation.
  2. The Open Graph image: the image you want to represent your content.
  3. The Original Gangster image: the original image associated with your content at the time it was published.

The Answer is B.

The Open Graph Image, or OG image, is the featured image for your website page or post, and serves as the thumbnail visible when your content is shared on social media, appears in search engines, and so on.

Best Practices for an OG / Featured Image:
  • Pick an image that best represents your content. What is your page about? How would you capture the message within a single graphic?
  • Make sure the OG image is easy to visualize at a range of sizes. Avoid excess text or complex images that may be more difficult to view when sized down on smaller devices, such as a mobile phone; or when viewed quickly, such as when users are scrolling through a Facebook Timeline.
  • Use an OG image on every page of your website, but especially your blog content or product pages. These are the pages most likely to be shared. (93% of websites today leverage OG images on these types of pages, but only 57% of homepages do!) It's worth the time and effort to associate an image with each page.
  • Make sure the image is sized to a proportion and scale appropriate for social media platforms. Take a look at the current best practices, as these sizes have been known to change from time to time.

Every CMS has its own method of adding and managing OG images for your content. HubSpot, for example, allows you to set OG images from the <head> of your website, or page-by-page by assigning a featured image (the better way to do it). Check your platform's documentation for details.

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