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Published October 09, 2019

What is an MQL?

  1. An MQL is a Marketing Qualified Lead – a visitor who has indicated on a form that he/she has done independent research into a product or service and is qualified to unlock specific benefits from the marketing team.
  2. An MQL is a Maintained Quality Leader – representing a positive customer experience that has been repurposed as a model for all sales members to aspire to replicate.
  3. An MQL is a Marketing Qualified Lead – a lead who has demonstrated enough interest in a company’s products or services that members of its marketing team have verified that he/she is ready to be connected with a member of the sales team.

The Answer is C.

An MQL is a Marketing Qualified Lead.

This represents the customer lifecycle stage which follows the Lead stage and is assigned to those contacts who have engaged with marketing materials to a degree that a member of the marketing team deems them to be a valid contact and strong candidate for further nurturing from the sales team. 

It’s sort of like a member of the marketing team putting their stamp of approval on a lead, saying, “This person is definitely interested in becoming a customer! It’s time they're put in touch with a salesperson who can bring them across the finish line!”

Steps taken may include requesting a demo, participating in a free trial, or other strong engagement with content and offers demonstrating a readiness to act.

After the Marketing Qualified Lead stage comes the Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) stage, followed by the Opportunity stage, the Customer stage and, hopefully, the Evangelist stage! 

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