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Published February 12, 2020

What is an eBook?

  1. A book that lives digitally, used to show depth of knowledge on a particular subject, great for lead generation and lead nurturing.
  2. A book you can order online.
  3. A book that lives digitally, great for promoting specific offers for your products and services.

The Answer is A.

An eBook is exactly what it sounds like: an electronic book, or a book that lives digitally.

Organized in much the same manner as a traditional book, while it covers one broad topic extensively, it’s divided into carefully organized chapters which break down the main subject into easily digestible sub-topics.

When it comes to using eBooks in your inbound marketing strategy, they’re great for lead generation and nurturing throughout the buyer’s journey. You can even use eBooks to delight customers, eventually turning them into evangelists.

How? You can put together case studies for consideration-stage prospects or to provide in-depth product education for customers. 

Say you’re looking for awareness-stage prospects to turn into leads. These prospects are trying to find more information about a problem they realized they have. 

A downloadable eBook is a great way to show that you have depth of knowledge and a core understanding of your prospects' needs, which will build your authority and, in turn, prospects' trust in what you have to say. 

But first, you have to convince people to download your offer. People prefer to take long-form content on the go so they can read it on their own time, but they need to know that exchanging their personal information for a download will be worth it. Ungating your content will show prospects that they can trust the quality of your content (and therefore, your brand).

This approach can turn into high-quality lead generation: people who are interested enough in what you have to say to give you their contact information, and maybe even a little information about why they’re interested in your content offer. You can then build out segmented email lists from these prospects and follow up with them after their download, thereby nurturing those leads.

And voilà: qualified leads!

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