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Published November 08, 2019

What is ABM?

  1. Alphabetic Brainstorming Metrics
  2. Account Based Marketing
  3. Acquired Brand Modality

The Answer is B.

ABM stands for account based marketing, a type of sales strategy designed to specifically target those businesses determined to be an ideal fit for your particular products or service offerings. 

This type of marketing can be accomplished through a variety of means, ranging from email campaigns and webinars to far more direct approaches such as phone calls and mailings.

Though such personal outreach is less common in this day and age of high-tech advancements, there is simply no substitute for honing in on the proper contact and following through with customized messaging.

By intelligently utilizing technology and automation, it's possible to place yourself high on the radar of those you wish to partner with.

Though account based marketing is considered to be a more aggressive approach than traditional inbound marketing techniques, it has also proven to be extremely effective in closing deals quickly and efficiently. 


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