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Published December 25, 2019

What is a UTM?

  1. The address of a world wide web page.
  2. A type of computer virus which, when left untreated, can corrupt your database.
  3. A snippet of simple code added to the end of a URL which tracks the performance of campaigns and content.

The Answer is C.

You’re about to launch a huge online campaign complete with Google Ads, social media posts, and a series of emails customized to target different segments of your database.

How will you know which components drive traffic to your website? Which ads convert the most customers? Which emails perform the best?

Why, you need to use UTM codes!

A UTM code is a snippet of code added to the end of a URL, allowing you to track the performance of a variety of criteria based on clicks on that URL.

It stands for “urchin tracking module” (weird, we know) and looks something like this:

www.yourlinkhere.com?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email& utm_campaign=happy_holidays&utm_term=product_type

You can track clicks on your customized URLs using Google Analytics, allowing you to see which parameters performed better or worse than others. For example, you might see that click throughs are higher from Facebook versus your email campaign; or, if used alongside an ad spend, that certain paid keywords may outperform others.

You can track some or all of the following metrics using UTMs:

  • Source: where your traffic was referred from, such as a search engine.
  • Medium: used to identify how a message was received, such as email or cost-per-click.
  • Campaign name: used for keyword analysis and to differentiate between specific promotions and campaigns.
  • Campaign term: used for paid search keywords.
  • Campaign content: used for A/B testing, to differentiate between different ads.

You can use Google Analytics’ simple URL Builder Tool to create URLs, with UTMs appended.

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