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Published November 01, 2019

What is a static list?

  1. A list of contacts that does not change.
  2. A list of website pages experiencing technical issues, or “static.”
  3. A list of contacts that will change automatically based on selected criteria.

The Answer is A.

Effectively communicating with your prospects requires taking the time to systematically organize them. The best way to achieve this goal is to build out segmented lists, an element which can take on several different forms within HubSpot.

A static list is a type of list that does not change over time. 

This is opposed to an active list, which will automatically add or remove contacts based upon whether or not they are found to meet certain sets of programmed criteria at any given moment. 

Static lists are ideal for grouping your contacts according to factors that are typically rooted in a specific action or event—such as attending a webinar or opening a particular marketing email. 

When these contacts are segmented in a static list, you can feel confident in returning to that list at any point, knowing the audience will not have changed in the interim. 

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