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Published November 22, 2019

What is a soft bounce?

  1. An instance when an email is temporarily undeliverable to a legitimate account.
  2. An occasion when an email is opened, but a link is not clicked.
  3. A situation where an email is sent to fake or out-of-service addresses.

The Answer is A.

A soft bounce occurs when there is a temporary delivery issue with an email.

Unlike a hard bounce, which is typically due to a non-existent or misspelled recipient address, a soft bounce involves attempted delivery to a legitimate email; however, other factors prevent the message from being successfully transmitted. Once the particular issue is resolved, emails will then be delivered to the recipient in question again.

There are several common reasons for an email to soft bounce.

Technical Issue
Occasionally, there may be an issue with the recipient's email server. It may be down altogether or temporarily overloaded, which will prevent an email from going through, resulting in a bounce. 

Mailbox Full
When an inbox is at capacity, new emails are subsequently unable to come through. Once the user makes room in his/her inbox by clearing out old messages, he/she will then be able to receive your emails once again. 

Email File Size
Though not as common of a problem, certain inboxes with more sensitive filters may restrict the permitted file size of emails. Those that have too large of an attachment may be unable to be delivered.

When an email soft bounces, many platforms—including HubSpot—will attempt to deliver the email over the course of the next few days. If a contact continues to soft bounce additional emails sent their way, it may be a sign of a more serious underlying delivery issue.

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