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Published September 24, 2019

What is a smart list?

  1. A smart list is created by someone with an IQ over 300.
  2. A smart list is a static list of contacts which meets certain criteria.
  3. A smart list is an active list which changes dynamically based on certain criteria that a contact meets.

The Answer is C.

A smart list, also known as an "active" list, changes dynamically based on certain criteria that a contact meets.

These categorizations are especially useful for collecting and analyzing granular data which can ultimately help your team target contacts with specific content offers such as blogs, emails, and ebooks.

Creating a smart list is pretty simple. In HubSpot, navigate to Contacts > Lists and click Create List. By default, lists are set to "active," so all you will need to do is select the preferred criteria in order to begin segmenting your list according to your specifications.

Once this is done, you can now enable your smart list for use in workflows and email campaigns. 


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