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Published October 07, 2019

What is a SERP?

  1. SERP: Search Engine Results Page.
  2. SERP: Strategic Employment of Relevant Personas.
  3. SERP: Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan.

The Answer is A.

SERP is an acronym which stands for: Search Engine Results Page.

This term refers to the list of results delivered by a search engine following a user query, and is one of the prime focal points in driving organic and paid traffic in most inbound marketing campaigns. 

By optimizing your blogs and site pages for search engines, this gives your content a far greater chance of landing on page one of a SERP. 

No matter the search engine—Google, Bing and Yahoo! are three top choices—these pages are typically filled with a blend of organic results and paid advertisements, ranging from answer boxes to featured snippets to image carousels.


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