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Published September 13, 2019

What is a progressive form?

  1. A form which leads a visitor from one page to another throughout a website.
  2. A form used to apply for Progressive insurance. 
  3. A website form designed to gradually capture information from contacts over the course of subsequent visits to the site.

The Answer is C.

A progressive form—also known as a progressive profiling form—is designed as a way to gradually capture additional information from contacts over a period of time as they fill out forms on your website.

This method avoids asking for too many details up front, limiting the initial inquiries to basic fields such as name and email. More in-depth questions can be rolled out at a later date, and may include information such as company name, size, revenue, industry, or individual persona.

With each subsequent visit, the known fields on a progressive form are replaced by those yet to be determined, in effect, slowly feeding questions to contacts in order to make each step as non-intrusive and convenient as possible.

This is accomplished by altering the form values throughout the site as information is collected and accumulates in the database over the course of several interactions. 

Progressive forms are an excellent feature to utilize, as they gather the desired contact properties without inconveniencing website visitors who may want to simply download an eBook, subscribe to a blog, or schedule a consultation without having to give up too much information all at once.

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