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Published January 15, 2020

What is a pillar page?

  1. Pages which are stacked within the main navigation of a site, forming a pseudo "pillar" of information.
  2. Pages that return the highest rankings from Google, based on their site traffic and time spent on page.
  3. A page which serves as the central, all-encompassing piece of content on a particular topic, often designed as a core site page and found within the main navigation.

The Answer is C.

When formulating a content plan based around your keyword research, a pillar page will typically serve as the central, all-encompassing piece, taking in all elements of a given topic.

Often designed as a core site page, it is not uncommon for pillar pages to clock in at thousands of words, comprised of well-researched copy, outlining several sections of subtopics, the majority of which will be expanded upon as individual, in-depth blog posts to round out the content plan over time.

By serving as a permanent fixture on a website—generally included within the main navigation—the ultimate goal of a pillar page is to be recognized by search engines for its authority on a particular subject matter, thus increasing its likelihood of ranking highly for the targeted keyword or phrase.

Though pillar pages remain the largest undertaking of most content plans, their importance cannot be underestimated in driving organic traffic, both to the site, as well as the supporting blog pieces linked within them.

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