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Published August 16, 2019

What is a personalization token?

  1. A unique number assigned to each contact in your HubSpot CRM.
  2. Designed to customize emails, landing, or site pages, using a dynamic value that displays different information unique to the user.
  3. A tool used in HubSpot to identify the author of a piece of digital content.

The Answer is B.

A personalization token is a feature used in certain pieces of digital content, which pulls in a bit of information about a contact. The inclusion of these tokens adds an element of customization to that content, and is designed to help the audience relate to, and potentially interact more, with it. 

Has an email from your favorite brand ever addressed you by name? That’s a personalization token! 

Personalization tokens aren’t limited to emails, though, and can extend beyond basic information like first names. They can also be used on landing pages and website pages and pull in virtually any information available in a contact's record.

Keep these two tips in mind to help you use personalization tokens effectively:

1. Don’t be creepy!

Your contacts don’t like seeing their personal information where they aren’t expecting it. Opening an email with “Hi, John!” is probably fine. Opening it with “Hi, John Smith from 123 Main St!” probably won’t garner the best reaction. 

2. Don’t forget to set an appropriate default value.

The default value is the text that will fill the personalization token if the desired piece of information isn’t known. So, if you’re using a token that pulls in a contact’s first name, consider setting the default value as “friend” or “valued customer” to avoid a contact receiving an email that just says, “Hi, [First Name]!”

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