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Published December 13, 2019

What is a launch pad website?

  1. A website consisting of a single splash page with a simple call-to-action. 
  2. A website intended to serve as a temporary placeholder, mainly comprised of graphics and limited text.  
  3. A website built relatively quickly, which performs better than the existing site, but is not intended to be your final product. It is designed to serve as a base for future optimization.

The Answer is C.

In Growth Driven Design, your launch pad website is the foundation for all future development.

The point of this type of site is to put together an iteration which looks and performs better than your current website, but is not your final product.

This approach has many benefits over traditional website design and development:

  • It’s lower risk. Launch pad websites typically take 2-3 months to build at a much lower budget, compared to traditional builds that can span 6+ month periods, with a larger budget spent upfront.
  • It’s easier to hit a launch deadline. After all, it’s not meant to be the final product. Traditional builds are frequently late because they are aiming to be as perfect and comprehensive as possible, and any number of missing or in-development components can delay the launch.
  • It’s easier to assess what works and what doesn’t. Once the launch pad site is live, you can validate your assumptions about the content or user experience, and make changes or additions based on the data you see. 

To create a launch pad website, start by first outlining the pages and flows of all essential content, taking note of business goals and SEO objectives along the way. Next, create your wireframes to strategize the content, user experience, and layout, focusing on those key pages with the highest impact first.

You’re then ready to design and develop your site!

Of course, it's important to find an appropriate balance so that speed does not come at a cost to quality. Build and launch quickly, but make sure your user value does not suffer.

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