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Published September 12, 2019

What is a hard bounce?

  1. When a visitor leaves a website without buying something.
  2. When an email is unable to be delivered due to a temporary issue such as a full inbox.
  3. When an email is unable to be delivered due to a permanent issue such as an invalid address.

The Answer is C.

A hard bounce occurs when an email is sent to an address that doesn't exist. This may be because the email has been disabled, was invalid to begin with, or contains a spelling error. 

This is opposed to a soft bounce, which typically results from a temporary issue that may be resolved, potentially resulting in a successful future delivery. 

Virtually every email marketer will come across hard bounces during the course of a campaign. People change jobs and deactivate their old work accounts, some fill out forms incorrectly on occasion, and yes, still others may intentionally enter a fake email address in order to receive an offer. 

The good news is that HubSpot clearly indicates how many contacts have bounced in each email deployment, making it convenient to isolate them into a list for later purging, if necessary.

Not all is always lost, though. In instances of simple typos, corrections can generally be made and the contact updated and saved for future reference. For instance, if someone ended an email address with .cob instead of .com, a simple correction in the contact record should be all it takes to resolve the error. 

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