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Published January 03, 2020

What is a favicon?

  1. A term used to refer to the visual element of an organization's logo.
  2. A small icon, based on an organization's logo, which represents your website in the navigation of your browser.
  3. A way for users to designate which icon is their favorite.

The Answer is B.

A favicon is a small icon used to represent your website in various forms of navigation.

When you type a URL in your browser, you may notice a small icon appear next to the address. This same icon is typically displayed on the tab of your web browser, as well as in the bookmark list. 

Morey Creative Studios favicon

Morey Creative's favicon is based on our logo, as are most others. As you type our web address into the browser, our favicon will appear!

Think about those times when you have many tabs open in your browser. By employing a well-designed favicon, you can rest assured your company's site will be easily recognizable at a glance. 

Another situation where favicons are used is on your computer desktop or the home screen of your mobile device. When you save a website to your desktop or home screen, an icon will appear, enabling you to click on it to access the page.

While favicons are small—typically only 16x16 or 32x32 pixels—they can make a substantial impact when it comes to split-second recognition of your site.

If your website doesn't have a favicon yet, we highly recommend taking the time to set one up.

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