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Published December 10, 2019

What is a dynamic page?

  1. A website page which automatically expands and contracts in direct proportion to the size of a user's browser window.
  2. A website page generated from rows of content within a database, displayed in a consistent template, useful for creating and maintaining team member pages, event listings, product listings, etc.
  3. The highest ranking individual site page within a given website. 

The Answer is B.

In HubSpot, a dynamic website page is a CMS page in which content is populated from data within a HubDB table. Each dynamic page includes its own unique, SEO-friendly URL and page analytics.

When editing typical site pages within HubSpot, you follow the path from Marketing > Website > Website Pages. For dynamic pages, however, it's possible to edit the content right within the HubDB table by going directly to Files and Templates > HubDB.

This makes it possible to quickly edit a page—or several pages—by altering data within the spreadsheet, then publishing your changes. The edits will be reflected instantly on your front-facing website. As you may have learned in our HubDB QotD, dynamic pages are therefore especially useful for that content which is standardized, updated often, or added to frequently:

  • Team member pages
  • Resource pages
  • Product or portfolio pages
  • Event listing pages
  • Searchable directories
  • Maps or locator tools

Once your CMS template is published, analytics processing will be complete, allowing you to track performance within the website page dashboard. 

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