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Published October 08, 2019

What is a deep navigation?

  1. A website menu located at the bottom of a page.
  2. A website menu structure which includes three or more levels.
  3. The only way to navigate the Deep Web.

The Answer is B.

Deep navigation refers to a website menu structure which includes three or more layers.

While flat navigation—two layers or less—is easier to navigate and requires fewer clicks, deep navigation is incredibly helpful for those organizations which have many different categories of offerings to illustrate. Attempting to list so many services in two layers or less may become overwhelming for users to digest, or downright impossible.

By nesting menu items under others, this can provide a more efficient way for the user to sift through to find what they’re looking for. Top layers can take in more general pages, with more specific topics nested underneath as the layers progress.

Following are a few great examples of deep navigation:

Purity Products

Purity Products


Asphalt Kingdom

Asphalt Kingdom


General Security

General Security


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