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Published August 20, 2019

What is a content plan?

  1. Content plans document keyword research, personas, and goals, outlining content that already exists alongside what needs to be created, in order to positively influence rankings and best assist potential customers.
  2. Content plans are schedules of content—blogs, images, videos—designed to share on social media as a means of engaging followers.
  3. Content plans are outlines written prior to a blog, mapping out each section of the piece to ensure all appropriate keywords are included.

The Answer is A.

Content plans are a vital component, designed to ensure that each piece of content produced as part of an inbound marketing strategy—blogs, images, podcasts, videos, emails, social posts, landing pages, content offers, and more–has a specific purpose, specifically, to guide potential customers further along in the buyer's journey.

When crafting these plans, it's important to:
  • Document keyword research, highlighting those terms which return a high search value
  • Create personas, breaking down the categories within with your ideal target customers fall
  • Compile a list of existing content, evaluating what can and should be repurposed in a fresh, targeted manner
  • Map out a tentative publishing schedule of new content to be produced, based upon your strategic research. 

The goal, with each step of content plan creation, is to positively influence a website's rankings while making sure that the customers—and resolving their issues as quickly and efficiently as possible—remain the primary focus. 

While the plan may be adjusted as needed throughout the course of a given campaign, putting together a well-researched outline at the start is an integral step to streamlining the process in the most effective manner possible. 

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