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Published October 29, 2019

What is a company record?

  1. A HubSpot record documenting a particular company in the database.
  2. A vinyl collection, featuring contributions from all employees.
  3. A documentation of actions taken in the HubSpot portal by each member of a company. 

The Answer is A.

A company record is exactly that—a record in HubSpot which documents a particular company, and the details associated with it, in the database.

These types of records can be added into the system one of two ways: either manually, as a standalone company; or automatically, as in the case of a personal contact record which subsequently pulls in associated information about an individual, including the company he/she works for.

As a result, a company record is often associated with numerous employees, providing a snapshot of all those who work for the business in question.

This is especially useful when tracking leads, as each associated contact will automatically be moved to the customer category at the point when one converts. This avoids the continual nourishment of those who may have already progressed beyond the lead stage of the marketing journey. 

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