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Published February 25, 2020

What is a breadcrumb navigation?

  1. A main menu style that shows different links to different users, based on where they are on your website.
  2. A type of secondary navigation that reveals the user's location in a website's site architecture.
  3. An animated step-by-step walkthrough that demonstrates how to use your app, interface, or website.

The Answer is B.

A breadcrumb navigation is a secondary menu that provides links back to each previous page the user has navigated through, helping reveal the user's location within a website's architecture and how they got there.


Breadcrumbs can be used on any type of site, but are especially useful and common on e-commerce websites, knowledge bases, news and blog sites, and other websites with content that is grouped into categories and hierarchies.

A breadcrumb trail is useful as an extra feature, especially for users that click-through to a website inner page from search engines: it's been shown to reduce bounce rates as a result. It's also useful for accessibility purposes so users understand where they are located within your site.

That said, a breadcrumb navigation cannot replace a conventional, primary menu.

If your main menu is clear and functional, and your website does not have a lot of hierarchical content, you likely should not implement breadcrumbs. You'll run the risk of having confusing, duplicate content.

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