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Published December 11, 2019

What is a B2B?

  1. Business-to-Bureaucracy
  2. Bringing-to-Business
  3. Business-to-Business

The Answer is C.

B2B is short for the term Business-to-Business, which refers to transactions conducted between two companies—in other words, a business which sells products or services intended for use by another business.

Think, for example, of a business that sells commercial refrigerators to restaurants. Their goods are intended to be utilized by the members of a corporate entity, rather than by an individual for personal use.

This is in contrast to a Business-to-Consumer, or B2C, which does deal in products and services for purchase and use by its end consumer. 

B2B purchases can come in all different shapes and sizes, ranging in scope from a ream of paper to multi-million dollar software, but frequently have a fairly high level of oversight.

As such, marketing and sales initiatives targeted toward this segment should plan for the possibility of extended sales cycles, communicate on features and benefits succinctly, and target the proper decision-maker within the company.

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