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Published September 06, 2019

What are the HubSpot lifecycle stages?

  1. Subscriber, Lead, Marketing Qualified Lead, Sales Qualified Lead, Opportunity, Customer, Evangelist, Other.
  2. Awareness, Consideration, Decision.
  3. Attract, Convert, Close, Delight.

The Answer is A.

Even though we’re living in a flywheel world—it can be helpful to think of the HubSpot lifecycle stages as progressing from the “top of the funnel” to “bottom of the funnel” in terms of how engaged a contact is with your brand and your offerings.

In order, the HubSpot lifecycle stages are:

Subscriber: Any contacts who know of your business and have opted in to hear more from you and your team (e.g. blog & newsletter subscribers).

Lead: Any contacts who have shown sales "readiness" beyond being a subscriber (e.g. downloading a content offer).

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL): Contacts who have engaged with your team's marketing efforts, but still aren't ready to receive a sales call.

Sales Qualified Lead (SQL): Contacts who have indicated that they are ready for a direct sales follow-up.

Opportunity: Contacts who are confirmed sales opportunities.

Customer: Any contacts with closed deals (the definition of a "closed deal" will vary from business to business).

Evangelist: Any customers who advocate for your business and who may become a referral source for new leads.

Other: This is your “wildcard” stage that can be used for any stages that are unique to your particular business or contacts.

Ensuring that the lifecycle stage property is updated consistently and often across your database is a great way to better understand how leads are being handed off between your marketing and sales teams—and where opportunities to reduce friction may be hiding (#flywheel).

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