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Published November 27, 2019

What are HubSpot templates?

  1. HubSpot templates are used for editing the content and images contained on a website.
  2. HubSpot templates provide the foundation for websites, blogs, and emails created on the HubSpot platform.
  3. HubSpot templates are used to create social media posts on the HubSpot platform.

The Answer is B.

HubSpot templates serve as the foundation for all content created on the HubSpot platform.

These templates are built in what is called the Design Manager by arranging content modules in a drag and drop interface. Further customization can be added through the use of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and HubL. 

Following is a glimpse of the Design Manager, where all the magic happens:

Hubspot Design Manager

Once the building blocks have been created on the back-end, designers can then use these templates to craft beautiful web pages, blogs, and emails. An individual template can be used for multiple pages/emails; unique templates can also be customized for each use, depending upon the unique needs of the design in question.

There are four template types.

Blog: form the structure of your website's blogs, as well as the blog listing page

Email: serve as the outline for those emails designed on the HubSpot platform

Page: the primary template styles used for your website, encompassing all site and landing pages created

System: used to customize those pages automatically generated by HubSpot, including 404 error pages, password prompts, subscription pages, and search results.

HubSpot's template builder allows for highly advanced and customized web development, which, in turn, ultimately increases the likelihood of a user-friendly experience. 

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