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Published September 27, 2019

What are global groups in HubSpot?

  1. Global groups are groups of modules that change dynamically to reflect the particular page you are on.
  2. Global groups are groups of modules that remain consistent across multiple pages of your website.
  3. Global groups are groups of static modules which reflect what page you are currently on.

The Answer is B.

Global groups are groups of modules that remain consistent throughout your website.

They are typically found within sections of a page that you may want to repurpose throughout the website. For instance, on the HubSpot CMS, the header and footer are typically built using global groups. Making changes to a global group will cause it to update across all pages, so you'll only have to do it once. 

Creating a global group within the HubSpot CMS is fairly simple. In the design manager, select which modules you wish to group, and then right click to choose convert to global group. Once converted, you will then have the ability to add other modules to the group and make additional changes as needed. 


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