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Published November 14, 2019

How much does a website cost?

  1. A website should cost a minimum of $5,000. It is a business expense, and you get what you pay for.
  2. A website should cost no more than $5,000. Technology today can achieve far more at less of an expense.
  3. It depends on what type of functionality your website aims to achieve.

The Answer is C.

There is no single definitive answer regarding how much you should spend on the design and construction of your website.

Like so many other aspects of your marketing strategy, the expense depends upon your ultimate goals. A small, local shop, for example, might have a completely different budget allocated for their web presence compared to a massive online business such as Yelp. 

Before you consider specific numbers, it’s vital to analyze what pricing structure is most appropriate for your company.

If the goal is for your website to serve as an integral, revenue-generating aspect of your business, it's not feasible to make an initial investment and simply forget about it. In order for your site to function optimally, you must allot a monthly budget to spend on its continuous expansion and refurbishment.

One option is to maintain your own site in-house. This will likely require at least one mid-level employee, potentially more, as a healthy website requires expertise in design, development, and copy. Taken to the next level, you'll need a staff well-versed in email sequences, marketing automation, CRM expertise, and digital advertising campaigns as well. 

If your team can’t quite handle the workload involved in building and maintaining an optimized website, hiring a marketing agency can bring tremendous value to the process. Generally speaking, for the price of one mid-level hire, you can gain access to a team of specialists who will work to maintain your site and help it to flourish. 

Exact prices vary quite a bit, but for many companies, a mid-level employee would typically cost well over $60,000 per year, including benefits, training, and equipment. This figure happens to be a solid baseline for a relationship with a quality agency as well (think $5,000 per month). 

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