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Published August 05, 2019

How do I increase my email open rate?

  1. Distribute to everyone in your database regardless of previous engagement, send the same email multiple times, and use a subject line that's catchy—regardless of how relevant it is to your message.
  2. Work with a clean and current database, optimize your subject line, preview text, send time, and sender.
  3. Purchase lists to increase the likelihood that your email will be opened, and only send from an info@ email address so the contacts know it's not spam.

The Answer is B.

Emails can be a very powerful tool for nurturing your contacts into customers—but they’re only effective when your contacts actually open them! Therefore, the importance of optimizing your open rate cannot be overstated. 

There are three major steps you can take to improve your email open rate:

1. Make sure you’re talking to the right people. 

Your email may have great content from start to finish, but if the contacts you’re sending to haven’t demonstrated interest in your business, you might as well be talking to no one. The good news is that this pitfall is relatively easy to avoid by purging unengaged contacts from your database, and never using purchased lists. 

2. Make the right first impression. 

This means optimizing the information that contacts immediately see in their inbox: the sender, subject line, and preview text.

Generally, people prefer to receive emails from actual people, rather than generic info@ or sales@ addresses. As for subject lines and preview text, we recommend running A/B tests to experiment with different tactics, in order to create a message that best resonates with your audience. 

3. Send your emails at the right time. 

As the old adage goes: timing is everything. The same holds true for marketing emails. 

It goes without saying that deploying an email at 4:00 a.m. on a Saturday probably won’t garner the highest level of engagement, but you might be surprised how much difference there could be between an email sent at lunch time and one sent just an hour before.

The sweet spot where your contacts are near their email and ready to engage with your content will likely differ by industry, so don’t be afraid to experiment to find the one that works best for your business. 

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