Private Equity Firms

Morey Creative Studios covers important blind spots for PE firms by offering comprehensive digital marketing, monitoring and liability management solutions for digital properties owned by PE firms.

Private Equity firms are in the business of building businesses and maximizing value for the benefit of multiple stakeholders.

All this on top of promoting and building their own brands and cultivating a unique value proposition in the market.

"Private equity firms are a high-value target for the new wave of digital thievery. They move huge sums of money on a frequent basis, and they have access to highly sensitive information, whether it pertains to their investors, their investment targets or their own organization."

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As both fiduciaries and builders of brands, Private Equity firm executives have more to focus on than most.

Morey Creative Studios covers important blind spots for PE firms by offering comprehensive digital marketing, monitoring and liability management solutions for digital properties owned by PE firms.

How do we do it?

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Take care of the Mothership by building out a sophisticated lead generation and highly visible site architecture. Morey Creative Studios is the #1 HubSpot Solutions Partner in New York with deep experience in multiple industries including financial services. Replatforming to the HubSpot CMS means putting your website on the most stable and robust content management system in the market with greater search engine visibility than competing platforms. 

The marketing and sales automation tools have made HubSpot the fastest growing platform in SME and Enterprise spaces and allows our team to deploy marketing campaigns that align with your sales objectives.


Two men working in a coffee shop on a laptopHackers actively seek out private equity investments in order to maximize ransom payouts at the most inconvenient time: when you’re ready to exit. Hackers know that your investment horizon is limited and that your job is to build value in your investments. So they dig in early and wait patiently until the moment arises that the company is prepared to sell. And then it happens. Complete shutdown of information and access. 

That’s why we’ve partnered with Cybersafe Solutions, a New York and Washington D.C. based cybersecurity company that specializes in network and endpoint security. We bring Cybersafe Solutions in to assess your properties and implement layers of protection to help protect your assets when they’re most vulnerable.


One of the fastest growing areas of the legal industry is related to accessibility. Thousands of lawsuits are initiated each year against companies that haven’t made discernible efforts or progress toward making their websites accessible to those with disabilities. Not only can these lawsuits be expensive to litigate or settle, they are embarrassing and time consuming. Morey Creative Studios is a leading provider of web accessibility solutions in accordance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG 2.1) that are often referred to as ADA for the web. 

Beyond the potential litigation that can occur from an inaccessible website, there’s a practical business rationale behind accessibility and digital inclusion. It’s estimated that more than a quarter of the world’s population lives with a disability of some sort, many of whom are challenged when it comes to accessing information on the web. Today, more than ever due to the pandemic, the business world has gone remote and digital strategies are critical. Don’t limit your website or your investments to only three quarters of the market. Expand your market share, protect against downside risk of litigation and be part of the digital accessibility movement by engaging with our team.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We are proud of our 5 star reputation in the HubSpot community. Read all our reviews on the Partner Directory.

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Tremendous Value Add

Tim Reilly, Hilton Capital Management, LLC

Morey has been instrumental in helping us grow our marketing efforts. A full revamp of our website, adoption of HubSpot analytics, videos and content pieces, have all created a foundation that we continue to leverage. Excellent customer service and a level of professionalism that has been easy to work with. As an organization they continue to evolve and we have been the beneficiary.

Great Team

Megan Leavy, Merchant Pro Express

Morey Creative has a talented well rounded team of marketing and digital experts. They have provided quality work for our growing firm and are always professional and responsive. A great team to work with and help grow your business!

Incredibly responsive and professional

Barbara Laudisi Martens, Hilton Capital Management, LLC

We are a relatively new client of Morey’s and are amazed at the in-depth knowledge of our industry they have gained in a few short meetings. Their ability to articulate our attributes and create the right image to represent our mission is incredible. Jed and his team are incredibly responsive, flexible and creative and a true pleasure to partner with.

Fantastic customer service!

Amy Briller, MerchantPro Express

The staff at Morey Creative Studios is responsive and helpful. I have had a great experience working with them on multiple projects.

Very professional, responsive, and thorough

Jared Frydman, Waverly Bay Capital

Morey handled the entire web design and creation process and made the entire experience seamless, thank you very much. 5 stars.

Amazingly Efficient With Proven Results

Jenny Neilsen, Contour Mortgage Corporation

Morey Creative Studios has boosted our business to levels we never imagined. With their innovative strategies and creative team on deck 24/7, we've streamlined our entire brand. We could NOT have done this without their help.

A strongly talented, energetic, world-class team

Jesse Mackey, 4Thought Financial Group

Morey Creative has been a tremendous help to our business. The systems they've put in place for us, both for inbound marketing and operational process purposes, are of a quality that I have never before experienced. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the overall quality of work they've done for us is so high that it is easily competitive with the world-class design and functionality that one might expect from a Fortune 500 firm. The Morey Creative team has repeatedly gone above and beyond the call of duty for us, with lightning-fast turnaround times, unexpected value-adds, outside-the-box thinking, incredible flexibility, and a general mindset of "under-promise, over-deliver". Jed Morey leads a team that is motivated as if they're equity partners in our business.

Value-Adding Partner - So Much More than a Vendor

Sean O'Neil, MerchantPro Express

Morey Creative couldn't be a better partner for us. We are a fast-growing, demanding shop with constantly changing needs and wants. Morey not only rolls well with our shifts and growth, but consistently adds value by helping us think about our business in different ways. Everyone on Team Morey is committed to being responsive, professional, and good at what they do. I cannot say enough positive things about our work with Morey Creative - it is a partnership I hope remains in place for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Morey Creative Studios / Private Equity engagement look like

No two P/E firms are the same so we build custom solutions based upon your needs and an analysis of the security and accessibility gaps that are currently present. 

A typical engagement is where the firm itself replatforms to HubSpot and engages with our team to create informative content that is more visible to the search engines in order to grow awareness of the firm. 

While this effort is underway we work with our cybersecurity partners and accessibility solutions to determine the most effective way to secure your investments and provide the coverage necessary for them to continue operations with the least amount of friction.

Do you provide marketing services for our investments as well?

Absolutely. Every company under the umbrella of the P/E firm can engage with Morey Creative on a project or retainer basis and at a steep discount due to the relationship.