Corporate Video Production: Benefits and Costs

Jon Sasala

Jon Sasala
Published February 02, 2015


CONSUMERS USED TO TRUST MARKETERS.  Slogans were taken at face value. Newspaper ads inherited credibility from the quality journalism surrounding it. At some point, consumers began to doubt the myriad of marketing claims that bombarded them. They learned that smoking wasn’t quite the “Vacation For Your Throat” that Lucky Strike claimed. This made marketers' jobs that much more difficult. Marketers vie with endless competitors to touch a more sophisticated and skeptical consumer base.

THIS IS WHY VIDEO HAS BECOME SO IMPORTANT as a tool for brands to connect with their audience. A video is an incredible medium to project authenticity. A good copywriter can spin an eloquent paragraph about the benefits of a product—regardless of how true it is. A first-year graphic designer can find a stock photo of smiling, ethnically balanced women in headsets—regardless of whether they look like your actual employees. Consumers are bombarded by these types of communications and have grown distrustful.

However, a corporate video featuring your actual CEO and your actual employees, in your actual office, instantly boosts your credibility. Your audience assumes that you are no longer trying to hide behind artfully crafted propaganda, but are inviting the audience to look behind the curtain, where the sausage actually gets made. Here they can draw their own conclusions about your company. This is why even videos without big-budget production value can have a strong influence on current and potential customers. Not spin, but in reality. The statistics for online video bear this out in rapidly growing numbers. Here are a few things to consider:



THE COSTS OF VIDEO varies widely and depends on a number of factors, including pre-production considerations like whether you are outsourcing the writing of the script, scout locations, and various permit requirements. Production variables might include the length of the shoot, cast and crew, and equipment costs. Post-production, you'll need to factor in the costs of editing, music (including licensing fees), stock footage, animation or motion graphics. For example, a talking head, interview style video could cost anywhere between $2000 and $10,000, depending on the execution of the very same concept. 




Despite the overwhelming trend in video being used for marketing, it can be an intimidating medium. Many brands want to utilize video for business but don’t know where to start, how much to spend, or who to hire.

Morey Publishing offers a few resources to help you understand the framework of commercial video production and what your project might cost. Below is a link to download the Morey Publishing White Paper "Using Video To Build Trust With Your Audience." This brief report outlines the five stages of video production: The Creative, Pre-Production Planning, Production, Post-Production and Distribution, to help you execute your concept from idea to reality.  

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