#Inbound15: The Values at the Core of Inbound Marketing

Morey Publishing has taken to HubSpot like a Brooklyn hipster to an ironic mustache; which is to say, we love them.

Not only has HubSpot provided a platform and a roadmap to the skyrocking success of our agency, its leadership and culture are intrinsically aligned with our personalities and core values.

It all comes down to heart.

The first time I realized Morey Publishing was a just little bit different from other companies was after I’d been working here for over a year. I’d recently been promoted to Executive Editor. Sitting at a roundtable with the President of the company, Jed Morey, and our Creative Director Jon Sasala, we were interviewing for a full-time IMC position.

It wasn’t anything like any job interview I’d ever experienced. Although some parts were conventional, like the overview of the company, a description of the job details, a setting of expectations, coffee – the most important parts decidedly weren’t.

In describing the mission of the company: to support the Long Island Press as the investigative alternative news offering to our region (and beyond), one word kept coming up: love. Jed spoke about Chris Twarowski, the Press’s Editor in Chief. “Chris’s love of the written word is the impetus behind everything that goes on in editorial,” Jed said. He then described the production department: “Jon Sasala runs production with so much love for what he does.”

Inbound Five Jaime Franchi, Jon Sasala, Jon Chim, Jeff Main

Our team of professionals are hard-working and talented, but we share something else – a camaraderie that goes beyond the walls of the office, a respect that permeates every communication, and a genuine shared kindness. The Golden Rule rules here. Our culture is shaped from our leadership and taken to with aplomb. Job applicants are required to not only be qualified, but to be “nice.” Not only do we work hard and play hard, we work heart and play heart.

The truth is, if our hearts weren’t in it, it would show. Sincerity resonates. People can spot a fake, in writing and in sales alike.

If you listened closely, this was a common refrain heard throughout Inbound15, the HubSpot conference where thousands of marketing and sales professionals from around the globe descended on Boston for the world's most remarkable business event. When Dharmesh Shah, co-founder of HubSpot, spoke about the philosophy at the core of inbound marketing, he described it as thus: “Market unto others as you would have them market unto you.”

Quite simply, the inbound marketing philosophy is an end to traditional intrusive, interrupting corporate messaging, as in television commercials, videos you must endure before seeing the YouTube kitten video you really want to watch, magazine ads, or junk mail. It’s creating content that has value for real human beings.

Dharmesh Shah giving keynote at Inbound 2015

“While others make noise, quietly create value,” Shah implored to the 14,000 rapt listeners at the Boston Convention Center. “While they fight for attention, quietly follow your heart.”

This sentiment was echoed throughout the dozens of breakout sessions, spotlight interviews, and keynote speeches that featured industry experts like Google’s Todd Rowe, Copyblogger’s Sonia Simone, LinkedIn’s Mike Gamson, author Jon Ronson, Rexi Media’s Dr. Carmen Simon; entertainers like Aziz Ansari, Amy Schumer, and Marc Maron; and thought leaders like Seth Godin, Chelsea Clinton, and HubSpot founders Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan. In a session titled “The Intersection of Content and Social Media,” CopyBlogger’s Chief Content Officer Sonia Simone emphasized the relationship between writers and the humans that make up their audience (and target customers) above all else.

“Content without love is prostitution,” she proclaimed.

Love. Communication. Human kindness. Respect. These values are the foundation of the HubSpot philosophy.

And they just happen to be the mantra of Morey Publishing.