Salesforce Joins Morey Creative & Be My Eyes as InclusionHub Founding Partners

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Salesforce has joined InclusionHub as a Founding Partner!

In a move that underlines the importance of recognizing and mitigating digital accessibility issues, Salesforce has signed on as a founding partner of the InclusionHub initiative. The decision also demonstrates the increasing awareness of the InclusionHub resource and database as a tool for those who are working to improve digital experiences.

Launched in December 2020, InclusionHub is built on crowd-sourced ratings and reviews from a global audience of digital accessibility experts and practitioners, and provides an unbiased, transparent and searchable database of companies that specialize in all aspects of digital inclusion.

The concept for InclusionHub grew out of an idea by Morey Creative President, Jon Sasala, who had been struggling to find a reliable source of reviews and community feedback around accessibility-related solutions--an issue that was slowing down efforts to improve access to digital properties for people with all kinds of disabilities, a core tenet of the Morey Creative approach.

Salesforce’s decision makes the company the third and largest of InclusionHub’s founding partners, alongside Morey and Be My Eyes—an accessibility app for the blind and low-vision community.

Alongside those other founding partners, Salesforce will work closely with the InclusionHub team to provide content and expert insight for the InclusionHub audience, and provide strategic advice on the continued expansion of the initiative.

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