[Podcast] 'Inbound & Down' S07 E07: The Basics of PPC ft. OpenMoves' Alex Swerdlow

Sage Levene

Sage Levene
Published August 07, 2020

Inbound & Down Podcast- Purple text that says S07 E07 The Basics of PPC featuring Alex Swerdlow with a photo of Alex Swerdlow

On this episode of 'Inbound & Down,' host Jon Sasala chats with Alex Swerdlow, PPC Director at OpenMoves. The two cover the fundamentals of and best practices for beginning a PPC campaign.


There are many variables to consider when creating a digital marketing campaign for a business: Is my ad copy direct? Are my ads designed well ? Do I know how to effectively buy ads/media?

That last question is one we decided to address head-on at Morey Creative Studios. No, we don't know how to successfully buy ads/media—it's not our area of expertise. 

Instead, we decided that in order to provide the best services to our clients, we shouldn't act as if we were the experts in the field. (Think of it this way: your dentist and your eye doctor are both medically trained, but, do you really want one doing the other's job?)

So, we directed them to the agency we were confident would be attentive and deliver incredible service: OpenMoves.

OpenMoves is a Long Island-based agency focused on Paid Search and Social, SEO, and Marketing Automation. Our guest, Alex Swerdlow, joined the team in 2013, rising through the ranks and eventually becoming the PPC Director, a position he holds today.

Swerdlow gave us a high-level explanation of Pay-Per Click (PPC), how it interacts with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and how to get started in the field.


"It's more or less a separate business practice, separate people, separate deliverables," Swerdlow says. "And it's really a different work product...It's a lot of content, a lot of technical work. But with SEO you maybe pay an SEO service provider or you pay for content, or you pay a developer—you're not actually buying media."

He continues, "With PPC, it's obviously the total opposite...You're paying Google and Facebook directly for the media. So with PPC, unlike SEO, there's no question of, 'Can I rank? Will I get traffic?' PPC you will definitely get the traffic because you're paying for it."

How PPC and SEO Complement Each Other 

Technically, Google doesn't give any additional SEO power to websites with paid ads. However, a paid ad will give you more visibility and solicits more clicks, leading to an SEO boost. 

"You need PPC to fill in certain gaps where SEO just can't reach," Swerdlow says.

Tips for Getting Started with PPC

  • Start with a small budget so you can gather important data that will help you scale your campaigns over time.
  • Predetermine how you're going to measure success, and what success looks like to your business. That way you'll be able to clearly define if a campaign is working.
  • Always be testing. Figure out what works, what doesn't work, and why.
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is going to vary from business to business

Swerdlow leaves us with this final piece of advice: "Spend a little time thinking about the business math, just so that whoever you're talking to—whether it's an agency or in house team—has a sense of what the goal is so they can give you a realistic assessment of if it's possible or not. Sketching out what your business goals are is a great starting point."

You can find Alex Swerdlow online at OpenMoves, and you can read his recent guest post on the MCS blog: How to Manage Your PPC Campaigns Through a Crisis.

 Show Notes:

Do you have questions about getting started with PPC? Send them to inbound@moreycreative.com.


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