[Podcast] 'Inbound & Down' S07 E06: Becoming a Content Marketing Practitioner ft. Agorapulse's Mike Allton

Sage Levene

Sage Levene
Published July 24, 2020

Inbound & Down Podcast- Purple text that says S07 E05 Becoming a Content Marketing Practitioner ft. Mike Allton of Agorapulse with a photo of Mike Allton

On this episode of 'Inbound & Down,' host Jon Sasala chats with Content Marketing Practitioner at Social Media Hat and Brand Evangelist at Agorapulse, Mike Allton, about becoming a marketing influencer and how he leveraged his interests for professional growth.


Mike Allton is a figure in the marketing space who has truly worked for the influencer status he now claims. Humbly, he calls himself a Content Marketing Practitioner rather than an influencer. Regardless of his title, what he does have is experience and know-how.

Allton came onto the scene over a decade ago, writing pieces on his expertise at the time, Google+. These pieces garnered a large following for him, and that following has yet to fade.

Eventually, he began writing about a different tool he used regularly: Hootsuite, a social media marketing and management tool. Allton became known as the Hootsuite guy. He even wrote the book on it. Literally.

After a series of unfortunate events (TL;DR a slight falling out between Hootsuite and Allton), he was on the lookout for a new tool. 

Enter Agorapulse.

Founded by Emeric Ernoult and Benoit Hediard in 2001, Agorapulse (formerly known as Affinitiz) is a social media management tool with tons of helpful features, tools, and integrations into the most popular social networks.

Allton began using the platform and soon joined the Ambassador program. Eventually, he arrived at a logical place: working for Agorapulse. In 2018, he became their Brand Evangelist, taking over the Ambassador program and promoting the benefits of the tool (much like he's doing here, on 'Inbound & Down').

So, how does this relate to being a Content Marketing Practitioner?

(This, we must add, is a term coined by Allton himself, but it's something that has the stickiness to catch on with other marketers.)

By, "practicing content marketing," as the title states, Allton was able to establish himself as an influencer and thought leader in that space. This has granted him a job at a company he loves, promoting a product he loves. It's given him clout in the industry, and it has enabled him to share his passion for the topic as a speaker at conferences and engagements around the country.

All this to say: if there's something you're passionate about, go for it! Write the blog. Create the podcast or YouTube channel. Set goals for yourself. You never know what you might achieve.

Bonus Tip from Allton: Do you need a social media tool?

The answer here is: well, it depends. There are a few things to ask yourself, including:

  • How many accounts do you manage?
  • How big is your reach/following?
  • How much time is spent in the tool each day?

If you manage a handful of accounts—say one Facebook, Twitter, Instagram—and you're able to manage notifications natively in app in under ~20 minutes a day, you probably don't need a social media tool.

If you're a larger brand with multiple accounts on each platform and spend the majority of your day managing social, a tool is most likely appropriate for you.

Allton shares two great uses for a social media tools:

  • If you're a YouTube creator and get tons of comments on videos, a tool makes managing and replying to comments super simple
  • If you're running Facebook ads, a monitoring tool is extremely important. Negative comments and spam have been shown to poorly impact ad performances. Not utilizing a tool could be costing you money and affect your brand's reputation.

You can find Mike Allton on LinkedIn, Twitter and at the Blogging Brute.

 Show Notes:

Do you have questions about content marketing? Send them to inbound@moreycreative.com.


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