[Podcast] 'Inbound & Down' S07 E05: Podcasts ft. Podchaser's Bradley Davis

Sage Levene

Sage Levene
Published July 13, 2020

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On this episode of 'Inbound & Down,' host Jon Sasala chats with CEO + Founder at Podchaser, Bradley Davis, about the platform and the state of podcasting at large.


Do you know how many podcasts there are in the world?

Take a guess—I’ll wait.

OK, did you guess more than 1.2 million?

Depending on your familiarity with podcasts, you might be surprised by that number. That newfangled technology the youths are talking about? Not so newfangled after all.

Established in the early aughts by Dave Winer and Adam Curry, podcasts (a portmanteau of iPod and broadcast) have embarked on quite the journey from where they began to where they are now in 2020.

Yet, having been around for nearly two decades, there is—or was—no definitive archival database for shows, seasons, and episodes like there is for movies and television with IMDb (Internet Movie Database). Podchaser aims to fill that data void.

Founded in 2018 by guest Bradley Davis and co-founder Cole Raven, Podchaser endeavors to be a "platform agnostic database" for all podcasts. Having raised their fist round of funding in January 2020, Podchaser is increasing their output and  growing the database every day. 

The beautiful thing about the platform—and podcasting in general—is that it can benefit everyone.

Starting generally and getting more specific, here's how to use Podchaser to your advantage:

As a Podchaser user:
  • Set alerts for your favorite creators
  • Follow your friends and see who/what they're listening to
  • Create lists that other users can follow 

As a non-podcasting individual:
  • Guest on other podcasts that align with your specific expertise, then build out your Podchaser profile
  • Create a list of your guest appearances

As a podcaster:
  • Claim your show and add credits for your host, producer, guests, etc.
  • Aggregate reviews in an inclusive way (no longer will reviews be siloed on Apple Podcasts)
  • Create a list of best episodes, topics + more

This is only scratching the surface of ways to be creative with Podchaser, and you can learn more about specific features here.

So, all this to say, podcasting isn't going anywhere. The once fringe medium is now an integral part of daily life and a common household term. While having a podcast for yourself or your business may not be the right move strategically, there are still ways to participate in the world and become part of podcast history.

You can find Bradley Davis on Podchaser and Twitter.

 Show Notes:

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Do you have questions about building out your podcast strategy? Send them to inbound@moreycreative.com.


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