[Podcast] 'Inbound & Down' S07 E01: Leveling Up Your Content Output ft. Eric Siu of ClickFlow

Sage Levene

Sage Levene
Published May 15, 2020

Leveling Up Your Content Output

Eric Siu started out like a lot of other young professionals. But, his story is different. He's not your average marketer or blogger, and Siu boasts years of real world experience.

Siu is the former chief operating officer and current chairman of SingleGrain, an agency that works in paid media and SEO. It has a specialty in big tech and software as a service (SaaS) companies, as they have their own SaaS product, ClickFlow.

"A lot of people struggle to grow their traffic online, obviously from their content and their SEO efforts," says Siu, who refers to ClickFlow as a "content intelligence platform."

"The tagline," he adds, "is 'ClickFlow helps you grow your traffic while looking like a genius.'... We help people get smarter with their content and get better results with their content."


In addition to his position at ClickFlow, Siu hosts two podcasts, 'Leveling Up,' a weekly show, and 'Marketing School,' a daily show co-hosted with Neil Patel.

In his podcasts, Siu speaks to industry thought leaders and flexes his learning skills regularly, so he's well versed in current trends and poised to give great advice. Specifically, he references advice him and a guest on 'Leveling Up,' Chris Do, share about repurposing content.

Having an omnichannel approach with your digital presence is paramount to being successful, he notes. You have to be where your audience is, and most likely that isn't in one singular place. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., your content should be posted wherever it can be consumed. 

Siu details an anecdote about recording a video podcast for 'Leveling Up' with the aforementioned Do, and how he repurposed that content:

"So the video I did with Chris Do...He comes over and we shoot a 40 minute podcast interview," he says. "That podcast interview—you have the video already, we can chop the video up into 10 second pieces, one minute or 15 minute videos, or even 10 minute IGTV videos. So what basically happens there, my team will chop it up and post it natively for those channels. We'll have a story picture, a 10 minute IGTV, we'll post it to stories as well... We just try to make everything native to where our audience is hanging out and it could even go into a tweet as well."

"The whole idea is this: You start with one seed piece of content—it could be a video, and a video can easily become four or five different podcasts. You can chop them up a little bit," he continues. "And it can become little micro pieces for Instagram or Snapchat or whatever you're using. Then you can basically sprout it again—we call this content sprouting—and you can make it into a mini blog post or a long form blog post. And then what you can do is promote it, we call that pollinating it, then from there you can decide if you want to monetize it or not."

Siu's other podcast, 'Marketing School,' has nearly 1,400 episodes as of this publication. Think about the exponential amount of content to be garnered from something so prolific as that. It's hard work, and requires help, but gaining success in the industry with an approach like this is possible, and Siu is proof. His advice for how to begin on a venture like this:

"Start small first, and then get a couple of people to help you, build in a light process and start cranking from there and get the output up."

You can find Siu on Instagram @ericosui.

 Show Notes:

Do you have questions about repurposing your content? Send them in to inbound@moreycreative.com.


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