[Podcast] 'Inbound & Down' S05 E01: The Website Redesign Process

The Website Redesign Process

On this episode of 'Inbound & Down,' co-hosts Jon Sasala and Danielle Esposito ring in Season Five with a new look, a new segment, and a new baby. 

Season Five, baby. Let's do this.

Welcome back. Season Four is in our rearview, and we're cruising right into Season Five. Out of curiosity, I skimmed the Wikipedia page for the number 5, and it's... longer than you would think. I learned there is a "most famous set" of quintuplets, and that 5 is "a natural number, following 4 and preceding 6."

Just kidding. I already knew about the famous quintuplets.

Okay, the episode.

First, shall we address the beautifully designed elephant in the room? We have a new lewk. Not just our podcast art, but our whole website as well. This isn't our first redesign rodeo, but we were quite inspired by the process and wanted to share it with you, our loyal listeners (and readers).

Steps to Rebuilding & Rebranding

  • Consider what you want to achieve with this new website. Figure out what is and isn’t working well, and project where you want to go.
  • Create your initial design mockups.
  • Reassess your content. 
  • Actual designing of the site: If multiple designers/developers are working on it, divvy the work appropriately, and include relevant individuals for review along the way.
    • Pro tip: HubSpot's content staging tool is great for redesigning your pages while they're still live.
  • Right the wrongs from your old site.
    • Compress all images for web.
    • Reassess and realign your URL structure. 
  • Run through steps like you’re setting up a portal from scratch.
    • Are IP addresses being filtered?
    • Are forms going to the right people?
    • Do we have inline thank yous or thank you pages set up?
  • Mobile audit! Approximately half of web traffic worldwide is generated from mobile. It's as important for your site to function and look good on mobile as it is on desktop. Statista
  • When you’re ready and live, announce your new site to the world. Send out an email, post on social, and tell your clients. It's a great way to increase traffic to the site and get some new conversions.


Let's explore a few steps in detail.

Rebuilding the Messaging & Copy

This is a fresh start, your chance to put your best foot forward. Start by asking yourself what you're trying to achieve. Who are you today, and who do you want to be down the line? 

For the new Morey Creative site, we included who we are today (and who we were) in our detailed history page, and updated our pricing model to inform where we're going by way of the larger, enterprise-level clients we've been taking on. We've also debuted our three core offerings: the HubSpot Business Operating System, HubSpot Design-Build Sprint and our Podcast Production services.

As you're updating content, assess what you're already ranking for. If it's performing well, don't make gratuitous changes—be strategic about the process. This is also the time to consider where visitors are converting, and on what. Can your content offerings be updated, or placed in a better location? 

With the updating of Morey Creative, we added the new 'Inbound & Down' Question of the Day as a conversion opportunity. Don't forget to subscribe 😉.

Redesigning the Site

Again, this is a fresh start. Don't shove your old pages into a new design. Give each page the love and time it deserves to achieve its fullest potential. 

If you've updated your logo or color scheme, reflect those changes everywhere. Update: your default colors in settings, email templates, favicons, OG images, etc. The changes don't stop at your website, either. Print collateral should be refreshed and aligned.

Please take a few minutes and explore the new Morey Creative Studios website. We're quite proud.


With our new season, we're bidding adieu to our previous "Key Takeaways" in favor of a new segment: "One Thing." What is One Thing? In addition to being a jaunty One Direction song—and truthfully the namesake of this segment—One Thing is exactly what it sounds like: One thing that we're really excited about, whether it be personal, professional or just silly. It's a fun way for you to get to know us, and us to learn more about each other. 

This Week's 'One Thing'
  • Mike is having his 10-year wedding anniversary. 
  • Sage volunteers at a local farm sanctuary called Lewis Oliver Farm Sanctuary.
  • Danielle is exploring the Catskills for the first time.
  • Jon is having a NEW BABY. 


Here is where I would typically let y'all know what beer was imbibed during the episode. We happened to record these in the morning, so no beer was to be had. Out of the goodness of my heart though, I'll make a personal recommendation for you: Edmund's Oast Sour Passionfruit Ale. Sours are a perfect summer beer, and this one is no exception. I rated it a 4/5 on Untappd.

Thank you for a great four seasons. We have so much in store for you for Season Five and beyond. Stay tuned 🧡.

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