'Inbound & Down' S04 E18: Season Four Finale

Sage Levene

Sage Levene
Published July 03, 2019

Season Four Finale

On this episode of 'Inbound & Down,' co-hosts Jon Sasala and Danielle Esposito close out Season Four with a very special announcement.

Hey fans—we're back.

I have to offer my sincerest apologies for our month-long hiatus. We wouldn't have done it if it weren't for a good reason. We have something big in the works, and it had to be perfect before going public.

What's the big announcement? Well, first, I'd like to announce that this is the last episode of this season. What?! Yes. We took a month-long break just to release the season finale. We crazy.

So, the announcement. 



  Video Transcription

Jon Sasala: Hi, and welcome to the Inbound & Down Question Of The Day presented by Morey Creative Studios. I'm Jon Sasala, the Creative Director for Morey Creative.

Danielle Esposito: And I'm Danielle Esposito, Senior Inbound Strategist.

JS: If you don't know us, Danielle and I are the hosts of our podcast Inbound & Down, where we discuss the art and science of inbound marketing.

We wanted to take that to a new platform giving people an opportunity to subscribe to a multiple choice question where we address certain topics that we cover on the podcast and see what you know [DE: or what you don't know!]

Danielle, what kind topics are we going to cover?

DE: We're going to be covering things such as agency life, SEO, content design and industry knowledge.

JS: So, a multiple choice question will be sent to you every single morning and we challenge you—if you feel like you know everything there is to know about this or if you're just looking to learn more. If so please subscribe at moreycreative.com/qotd. And if so, we'll see you tomorrow.

DE: Toodles!


That's right! We're launching a brand new program starting August 1st—the Inbound & Down Question of the Day. Sign up today!


Beer Update

We don't have a beer to highlight this episode, but we did recently have a small inner-office beer swap. The challenge criteria was one local beer, and another featuring the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year on its label (designers amirite).

The beers selected were:

Stay tuned for more beer on the next season of I&D, and don't forget to subscribe to the Question of the Day.


 Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Inbound & Down is launching a new initiative called Question of the Day. Every morning, you'll receive a multiple choice question in your inbox—on topics like Inbound, SEO, Design, Agency Life and more. Subscribe at moreycreative.com/qotd to test your industry knowledge!

Is there a topic or guest you'd like to see featured on Season Five of Inbound & Down? Comment below, or email us at inbound@moreycreative.com

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