'Inbound & Down' S04 E17: The Best Client Communication Tools For Your Company

Sage Levene

Sage Levene
Published May 21, 2019


Client communication tools are various programs and software to be used day-to-day for seamless communication with clients.

Popular tools include:

  • Soapbox
  • Recordit
  • Zoom
  • Asana
  • Slack
  • Basecamp
  • Google Drive
  • monday
  • Trello
  • GoToMeeting
  • HubSpot Meetings
  • Google
  • Free Conference Call

On this episode of 'Inbound & Down,' co-hosts Jon Sasala and Danielle Esposito discuss the best tools (free and paid) for seamless client communication. We also debate GIFs.

Client communication tools.

You gotta have 'em. Without tools there's no communication, and without communication there aren't any clients... And without any clients ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. 

These are Morey Creative's favorite tools:


Soapbox by Wistia is a free screen recording and webcam tool for Chrome. Rather than typing a lengthy email to a client that could get misinterpreted, you can record your screen and/or your face. Once you share it with the client, they can keep the link to reference, share with coworkers, etc. Not surprisingly, Jon ranked this his favorite tool. (He also ranked other tools his favorite tools. Jon has a lot of favorites.)

Download the Soapbox Chrome extension here.


Another free tool, Recordit enables you to create a quick GIF recording of your screen. This tool is great for doing a quick walkthrough or demonstration of something that's complicated enough to warrant a recording, but not complicated enough for a Soapbox or screen share.

Download Recordit here.

Quick sidebar.

The mention of Recordit spawned an intense debate over the classic GIF vs. jif issue. We were yelling so loudly that we disrupted the entire office. Probably the next office over, too. It was brought up by the jif apologists that the creator decided it was pronounced j-i-f. I'm here to tell you that he's wrong. He may have created GIFs (aka Graphics Interchange Formats)—which we are grateful for, because of GIFs like the ones below—but he didn't decide the rules of the English language.

Debate over.

Arrested DevelopmentTaylor SwiftPicardRon Swanson Snake JuiceObama

Ok, debate a little over. I respect the nature of democracy, so I encourage you to comment below and fight for your pronunciation of choice. (It better be GIF.)


Aim for the modern millennial. It's great for inter-office communiqués, but also for chatting with clients. They may have a quick issue or question to be resolved. A Slack message avoids the mostly inevitable phone or email tag that comes with traditional communication methods. Free and paid tiers available.

Download Slack here.


This is our main project management tool. To-dos are created and assigned to someone with a due date, and the to-do thread houses the conversation around that specific task. It helps clients monitor our progress, creates a space for discussion, and ensures everyone involved on an account is accountable. (We luv accountability. It's the #4 Value in our Culture Code.) Basecamp is a paid service, but a 30-day free trial is offered for you to test and explore.

There are a lot of other great project management tools on the market worth mentioning, including monday, Asana and Trello

Google Hangouts & Zoom

These video chat programs enable you to talk face to face with a client (or anyone else). Video chatting takes the issues out of email cadence. Sometimes sarcasm or jokes gets misconstrued over email. With video, you can watch your sh!tty jokes not land in real time.

Both Google Hangouts and Zoom have free models but offer premium features with their paid tiers. I can't underestimate how useful a video conferencing service is for maintaining good client relationships. A thoughtful email will go a long way, but a quick catch-up video chat goes even farther. 

HubSpot Meetings

You knew a HubSpot tool was inevitable on this list. The meetings tool integrates with your Gmail or Office 365 account, and enables people to book time right into your calendar. You set up a few parameters, like buffer times between meetings, maximum notice needed to book, etc. Amazingly, this tool is free, with additional customization tools available as you climb in tier.

If you listened to the episode, you'll notice that this tool is also Jon's favorite.  

Google Drive 

Available to anyone with a Google account, Google Drive features free, cloud-based versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. This allows you to easily share documents via their web-based link, or, if you have an old-school client, export to a Word, Excel, etc. document and attach it to an email.

Google is a powerhouse. Just throwing this prediction here in case it happens: Google for president in 2020. I don't know how it would work, but thankfully it's not my job to figure it out.

Free Conference Call & GoToMeeting

Oldies but goodies.There are times where a video chat isn't appropriate, or is inaccessible to who you're meeting with. These free services offer a unique number for you and your fellow meeters to use. They also offer video chatting capabilities, but I personally feel that the aforementioned Hangouts and Zoom are the superior services in the video field.  Free Conference Call is free, with a premium version of their service called StartMeeting. GoToMeeting has both free and paid versions of the service.

So, did I list enough services? This truly only scratches the surface of what's available to use for client, and general communication. If you're an office with remote employees, all these tools can be used for inter-office work management. Tune into the episode for our excessive banter/debates, and don't forget to leave a comment below with your take on GIF vs. jif. I'll be watching 👀.


Left HandBeer Update

If you're following along at home, this episode's coffee-themed beer is Unjunct by Carton Brewing. I rated it a 4/5 on Untappd 🍻.

 Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Make it simple to communicate with you clients. You don't want them jumping through hoops just to get in touch.
  • Use video whenever the situation calls for it. It's important to see someone face to face and communicate like humans. If not a video chat, send a personalized video to them. Go the extra mile and show you care about your clients and their time.
  • There are a lot of free tools available. You don't always have to pay for tools to get what you need done. If you're a small business, there are options.

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Do you have a favorite communication tool, or do you want to know what Cat Stevens album I was listening to while writing this blog? Comment below, or email us at inbound@moreycreative.com

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