'Inbound & Down' S04 E15: Google Search Console + HubSpot

Sage Levene

Sage Levene
Published April 16, 2019

'Inbound & Down' S4 E15: Google Search Console+ Hubspot

On this episode of 'Inbound & Down,' co-hosts Jon Sasala and Danielle Esposito discuss the new (and long-time-coming) Google Search Console + HubSpot integration.

Look, we called it.

Okay okay, Jon called it. What's it? I'll tell you, but you have to follow me on a journey back to the super scary year of... 2018.

Cue time machine noises and the Wilhelm scream.

2018, can you remember it? We had the Winter Olympics in South Korea, the royal wedding in England, and most importantly, we still had HubSpot's beloved keywords tool. Yes, we're over it now, but when we lost the keywords tool last May, it was an adjustment. We yelled about it a lot in the office. And on air!

After dropping our season three episode 'HubSpot is getting rid of the keyword tool. What?!' we were approached by HubSpot Principal Product Marketing Manager Jeffrey Vocell. He wanted to let us know our anger over its departure was misguided, and that this was a step forward, not backwards. He came on later in the season for a chat and kindly took us through the process/reasoning, and recommended steps for content marketers and their keywords.

Now here comes the aforementioned it.

During the chat with Jeffrey, Jon asked a great question: "Why not integrate with Google Search Console?" Jeffrey's answer, in so many words, was, "We're workin' on it." (I'm editorializing. It was more like, "Yeah, we talked about it!") 

You still with me? 

Let's zoom back out. TLDR. Jon asked if HubSpot would ever integrate with GSC, and now it's here

“HubSpot's Google Search Console integration brings Google's metrics into your SEO tool and the Optimization  tab of your page details. These metrics include the number of impressions, position, and clicks your site receives on a search engine results page (SERP) for your topics. This data illustrates how topics are performing in search results, and which topics are driving the most organic traffic to your site.” HubSpot

Not all of the GSC functionality lives within HubSpot yet, but this is an awesome start. It gives you insight into content performance, with metrics on average position, average click-through rate, and total impressions, as well a few content and keyword optimization tools. Our pal Jeffery penned a blog on the very topic. 

So really, what does this mean for us content marketers and HubSpot users?

It means progress, constant progress. Some tools will pan out and change the future, and some won't. In this case, the keywords tool didn't change the future. It certainly changed the present when it left, but with some time and maturity, we learned that we were better off getting our data straight from the sources. And if anything, our content research has only improved since. GSC integration is progress, and as Jon loves to say, the future

Human Torch and The Thing are my OTPFor more integration talk, and a solid discussion where we make fun of the name of the Content Strategy SEO tool, and some A++ editing from our superstar engineer Mike Conforti, listen to this week's episode.


Boulder ShakeBeer Update

If you're following along at home, this episode's coffee-themed beer is the Shake Chocolate Porter by Boulder Beer Company. I rated it a 4/5 on Untappd 🍻.



Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Google Search Console (GSC) has finally integrated with HubSpot. The functionality is limited, but super helpful, and we can only imagine this will continue to grow over time.
  • In regards to the aforementioned Content Strategy tool name revision, while this is a change for us (and we're often hesitant to change), it's an iterative process, and most likely a sign of more great tools, features and integrations to come.

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