How Morey Creative Studios Client Reconciliation Education Promotes National Healing Through Education

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June is National Indigenous History Month in Canada, commemorated through a series of official and unofficial events to spread understanding of the history, culture and achievements of the First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples.

This year, its importance has never been more imperative, following the recent—and still unfolding—revelations of unmarked, mass graves of Indigenous children stolen from their families and abused and indoctrinated at residential schools throughout the country. The gruesome findings are merely the latest testaments to hundreds of years of torture and even genocide against the Indigenous Peoples of Canada.

Highlighting the extraordinary and incredibly important work of our client Reconciliation Education, in partnership with First Nations University of Canada, during this month of remembrance is the least we can do to help raise awareness and spread the word about its mission of healing through education. Its customized, multimedia programs provide critical insights about Canada’s shameful legacy and ways private businesses and public institutions can help mend centuries of anguish through education, as recommended by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s 94 Calls to Action.

Through Reconciliation Education’s work—focused around the seminal multimedia education series ‘4 Seasons of Reconciliation’ co-produced with First Nations University of Canada—its team seeks to improve and enhance relationships among Indigenous Peoples and Canadian settlers. Available in both English and French, courses can be tailored for specific audiences with certification provided by the University—one the oldest Indigenous education centers in the country.

"Our work has never been more necessary than at this point in history,” explains Reconciliation Education founder Andrée Cazabon. “Across Canada, we are seeing renewed levels of awareness of the critical importance of bringing together all of the communities that share the land we live on, and addressing the abuses of the past.”

As part of that focus, and in commemoration of National Indigenous History Month, the Reconciliation Education team made its individual course offerings available for free to subscribers through a relationship with Royal Bank of Canada—until the end of August!

The offer is open to individuals in any location. Sign up for it here.