Morey Publishing Launches

Morey Publishing is thrilled to announce another website launch. has been a labor of love, a true meeting of the minds since day one. In fact, the more we learned about the company, the people behind it, and their unique business model, the more invested we became in getting our hands on this site and working our magic to create the gorgeous, responsive, lead generation machine we knew we could. 

MoreyBlog_InteleTravel2InteleTravel – a travel host agency – allows anyone to become an independent travel agent.

The first of its kind, InteleTravel has proven to be both innovative and driven, committed to all their agents and travel partners, which include the top vendors in the industry, such as Carnival, Crystal Cruises, Club Med, Sandals, Delta and JetBlue. With comprehensive education opportunities and endless support, agents are guaranteed success.

InteleTravel makes selling and booking travel easy for agents who choose their platform as a hobby, a way to support their own love of travel, or a full-time profession. The earning potential is as easy as dozing off to the sound of ocean waves while on vacation.

Although InteleTravel has made a substantial mark in their last 25 years of business and has active agents all over the United States and in 40 other countries, they wanted to step up their game, starting with their online presence. A fresh, modern website is essential for a creative, groundbreaking company. InteleTravel knows that. And InteleTravel knows us.

Cue Morey Publishing.

In addition to expert, innovative design and professional web copy, InteleTravel needed a robust back-end that could service their agents’ booking needs. Beyond that, InteleTravel needed to get the word out to potential travel agents about the substantial benefits of joining their team. They asked Morey Publishing to update their website with awe-inspiring photos of possible destinations and clear content properly explaining what services they offer and the benefits of joining.

We were able to devise a concrete plan to help Inteletravel leverage their business, attracting new, potential agents and continuing to inform current agents about travel news and deals. Not only was there constant communication between Morey and InteleTravel’s principals, but we also reached out to current agents in order to learn their stories and how they got involved with InteleTravel as part of our comprehensive content strategy.

Jeff Main, the lead designer on the site, is enthusiastic about our new endeavor. “InteleTravel provides such a unique and interesting product.” He adds, “It was a fun challenge to completely rethink their website’s experience and find a new way to quickly, easily explain their brand through beautiful images and actual case studies from current agents."

By cleaning up their website, providing a clear message in regards to what the business does and incorporating Hubspot practices into these changes, InteleTravel is ready to conquer the rest of the world.