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Morey Creative's 2019 Digital Marketing Resolutions

Danielle Esposito

Danielle Esposito
Published December 28, 2018

We're goal-setters, and we view 2019 as a blank canvas to create new digital marketing goals for ourselves, both as employees and for our company as a whole.

We decided to ask everyone what their resolutions are for 2019, and we've gathered some of our favorites to look back upon when 2020 rolls around.


From: Jon Sasala, Creative Director

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a civil rights law which took effect in 1990. It addresses the issue of those with disabilities deserving the same access to public establishments. Think parking, bathroom stalls and ramps. In 2010, it was updated to include all electronic and information technologies. People live on the internet and deserve the same level of respect and accommodation there as they do in the physical world.

"My resolution," according to Sasala, "is simply to make all of our clients' websites more accessible because it is the right thing to do. Accessibility in the website sense means delivering a comparable user experience to everyone regardless of their hearing, vision, navigational or comprehension abilities. I say it should be because it is the right thing to do, but the fact is, it may also be a legal obligation."

Even though the ADA is law, there have been mixed court rulings on how this can be applied to the digital world and what repercussions, if any, failure to comply might generate.

"It is my estimation that these rulings will soon consistently align with the moral side of justice, and non-compliance will become punishable. In anticipation of that, I want to create a systematic way that websites, and specifically HubSpot websites, can be fully accessible to all people. I want to completely understand the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and make it possible for designers to incorporate these steps into their development process."


From: Danielle Esposito, Senior Strategist

This resolution is a little different, as the thinking centers more around our inner workings as a company than tactics she wants to learn as an individual.

"Our strategists need to be more of an army," says Esposito. "We all tend to know our own things and we break out a lot as individuals, which is necessary, but I think we need to chat more with each other. We need to share what we're doing, what works and what doesn't work, and come together on the same page as a team."

"Moving forward, I'd like there to be a cohesive understanding of our processes throughout the strategists, and many more intelligent conversations. I think we're getting there... but we can do better."


From: Nikki Schwartz, Strategist

Schwartz's resolution was inspired by Jeff Main, Morey Senior Designer, who sat in on a session at INBOUND about the pros of recycling content. Meaning, if you have a piece you're proud of and that can convert for your clients, you should maximize its value by publishing it across different mediums (email workflows, social posts, etc).

"We promote content using those tools, sure, but are we using them to tell the story?" Schwartz wonders. "That's what I'd like to nail in 2019: working smarter, not harder; maximizing the value of good content over writing more, but shittier, content."


From: Jeff Main, Senior Designer & Main St. Hive Leader and Jon Chim, Senior Designer & Chive Hive Leader

This is something both Hive Leaders learned about as a best practices method during INBOUND's Partner Day Developer Track. "Not only does it help us standardize our code for our clients and allow us to reuse important or useful functionality across our clients’ sites," Main says, "but it will also help our Junior Designers to learn HubL and get more comfortable with HubSpot design tools."


From: Jeff Main, Senior Designer & Main St. Hive Leader

"2018 was the year of HubDB and HubL for me," says Main. "In 2019, I’d like to become more comfortable understanding the possibilities and limits of the HubSpot API and learn how to set up some basic usages."


From: Jake Stringfellow, Designer & Yelena Mirsakova, Designer

Two of our star designers are both fixated on honing their design skills over the course of 2019.

"I would like to design more efficiently," says Stringfellow. "Trying to discover and walk the fine line between creativity and efficiency. Together, effivity (get it? creativity + efficiency = effivity...) results in a happier client, a happier me, and more time to learn 'what's next' as a designer and developer."

"There are so many tools I learned this year that allow me to design things more efficiently and make it look that much better," explains Mirsakova. "So I look forward to furthering that in 2019 and seeing what else is out there to improve my skills!"


From: Jamie Lynn Ryan, Senior Strategist

Morey Strategists love our tools. They help us dive into keyword and competitor research, learn how to figure out which of our site pages is performing the best, when our traffic dips or rises, and they allow us to play detective and figure out the whys and hows of everything we do.

That's why JLR is interested in mastering our tools even more. "As far as a resolution, I personally would like to dig deeper into the intricacies of SEMrush and Moz in formulating content strategies and cluster plans going forward," says JLR. "I'd also like to apply more of the skills absorbed in the various HubSpot certifications to actual marketing practice. I feel like there are so many tools at our disposal, but we tend to rely on a few standard ones rather than diversify as much as we could, potentially."


From: Melissa DellaBartolomea (aka DellaB), Account Manager

In true Account Manager fashion, DellaB is thinking a lot about reporting and analytics going into the new year.

"One of the biggest things for me, especially over the last six months, has been how much we've grown as an organization—in terms of both the team here and our family of clients," says DellaB. "Heading into 2019, I think continuing to refine our reporting and analytics capabilities, as well as our communication skills, is going to be key."


From: Sage Levene, Senior Designer & Sage Island Hive Leader

As the producer of our podcast Inbound & Down, it's no surprise that Levene is thinking about how to get it in front of even more listeners come 2019.

"There are a lot of great industry podcasts out in the ether, but they're mostly niche-specific," says Levene. "For example, Buffer's podcast The Science of Social Media focuses on (you guessed it) social media and the surrounding topics, and The Honest Designers Show focuses on the design world and the professionals in it. Both are educational and very fun listens, but by being niche-specific, they lose the audience of people who might be interested in some design and some social strategy, etc."

Levene goes on to say, "Cue Inbound & Down. MCS' OG pod runs the gamut from social to design to strategy and all the way to discussing whether a coffee run or a classic k-cup coffee is best for productivity (stay tuned)."

With all the exciting resolutions swirling around our brains heading into 2019, we couldn't be more excited to take on this new year with a focus on the endgame.

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