Morey Creative Studios Highlighted as Accessibility Case Study in HubSpot Training Sequence

White text that says 'How Morey Creative Studios Prioritizes Web Accessibility' on a blue background. The orange HubSpot Sprocket appears in the bottom right corner.

Underscoring our status as the leading HubSpot partner agency in digital accessibility and inclusion, Morey Creative Studios (MCS) President Jon Sasala is featured in a recently released series of training videos for the HubSpot Academy educational series.

The workshops are part of the HubSpot CMS Best Practices for Developers certification path. Two of the 13 sessions include Sasala discussing how to apply CMS best practices around inclusion and web accessibility in the real world.

In the first, titled “How Morey Creative Studios Prioritizes Web Accessibility,” Sasala explains how our journey with accessibility began as a result of questions around legal liability from clients. From there, he describes his own education around the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and the process of building out a solution set for MCS that not only helps clients to mitigate their liability, but actually works to make the web a better, more inclusive, more accessible place.

The second video, “Advocating for Accessibility,” provides specific tips for developers and other key stakeholders who may be at the beginning of their journey in digital inclusion, and seeking to influence others within their company to get on board.

“This is important work, and it needs to be done,” Sasala explains in the video. “People need to advocate for these things. Take it slow, and recognize that it’s going to be a long process. You’re going to learn things along the way. You’re going to realize that you thought you were fixing issues but you might have been causing new ones. Give yourself a break, and recognize that as long as your intentions are good, good things will come of this.”

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