Hello, Philadelphia. Morey Creative Opens Philadelphia Office

Morey Creative Studios Philadelphia Office

February, 2019. Morey Creative Studios is proud to announce the opening of a new creative office in the City of Brotherly Love. The office, located in Chestnut Hill, is our first expansion beyond New York. Our services and client roster have grown dramatically over the past couple of years, driven in large part by our ever-strengthening relationship with Cambridge, MA based HubSpot. The agency partner program is one of the more enviable programs in the world, as evidenced by HubSpot’s massive growth over the past decade.

Expanding into Philadelphia is an important step for Morey Creative Studios because it provides us access to an incredible talent pool and expands our reach on the East Coast of the U.S. When we started as a HubSpot partner, our clients were predominantly from the New York region. As our reputation grew, we began attracting clients from all over the country. Proximity to clients isn’t necessary any longer because we communicate with them almost daily through our project management channels. What is important, however, is building pockets of talent that can collaborate and grow as a unit. It’s essential to our particular agency model and we couldn’t be more thrilled about moving into Philadelphia.

Morey Creative Studios Philadelphia OfficeWhat we do isn’t special, but the way we do it is. Our company is built on talent. One of the reasons our client retention rate is above 95% is because Morey team members are incredibly dedicated to one another and to our clients. So when we decided it was time to expand, the location was actually the easiest decision. One of our most senior team members lives in Philadelphia and, until now, has worked remotely for us. His name is Jeff Main. Jeff is an exceptional human being who excels at his job and we’re not afraid to say that we’re building the office around him.

If you’re in Philly, stop by and say hello to Jeff. He’s set up at the beautiful Kismet co-working space in Chestnut Hill. If you live in the area, are looking for a position at an inbound marketing agency and are interested in helping us build our presence, let us know.

Side Note: It’s not our first rodeo in the City of Brotherly Love...

Many moons ago, our company entered the Philadelphia radio market with our signature modern rock format, WDRE. (You can view our company history here.) Philly’s response to the format was phenomenal and in just a few short years we cultivated a dedicated listenership and helped transform the radio landscape of the market. Though we were only there for a few years in the 1990’s, the impact of WDRE can still be felt as many of the talented hosts from the station (103.9 FM) are still dominating the Philly airwaves. 

So, hello again Philly. It’s good to be back.