'Inbound & Down' S2 E16: Company Culture (And Looking Towards 2018)

Ali Magno

Ali Magno
Published December 29, 2017

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On the Season 2 finale of 'Inbound & Down,' co-hosts Jon Sasala and Danielle Esposito discuss company culture and announce exciting changes at Morey Creative Studios as we ring in the new year.


2017 was an important year for us at Morey Creative Studios, formerly Morey Publishing. Our focus was growth. We hired new people, brought on new clients, and worked tirelessly to exceed our clients' expectations while pushing ahead with a long-standing goal of becoming a Platinum HubSpot Partner agency.

The great news, we did grow:

  • After exactly three years as a HubSpot Partner, we ascended to the Platinum tier, effectively placing us in select company, as there's less than 100 Platinum Partners in the world.
  • We recently hired a junior designer, and we're hoping to welcome more like-minded and passionate people to our team in the coming year.
  • We added a pair of new clients, both of which will officially join Morey in 2018: General Security and CAF Worldwide.

To foster the type of growth we have in mind, we understand internal changes need to be made. While we're always grateful to add new clients, one of our foremost objectives is to maintain a positive work environment and to never lose that passion that defines us as an agency.

Sure, a name isn't everything, but establishing an identity is important to us.

The most dramatic change: our name. It's part of our continued evolution. We made the decision to transition from Morey Publishing to Morey Creative Studios because we no longer wanted to be categorized or mistaken exclusively as a publishing company. Instead we want our moniker to encompass everything we do: inbound marketing, podcasting, and custom publishing. Sure, a name isn't everything, but establishing an identity is important to us.

To that end, we created a culture deck, which was inspired by HubSpot co-founders Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan's keynote address at Inbound 2017 in which they talked about the "start up to scale up" formula. That's when it hit us: that was exactly the growth we're experiencing. As a result of their keynote, we realized that growth isn't about accumulating a ton of talent or building relationships with as many clients as possible, but rather identifying like-minded job candidates and clients that embody the characteristics we identified in our culture deck.

"The reason that we had to come up with this culture code is because when we see this growth, and we see that we're bringing on new employees, we need to make sure that we're hiring the same caliber of people that we have on staff right now," explains Jon Sasala, Creative Director at Morey Creative Studios.

"Our company's values need to be in line with our clients' values," Sasala adds. "We need our clients to know this is what we stand for, this is what we work towards, and this is what we do and why we do it."

We knew we needed to define and document Morey's values to sustain our growth and maintain our momentum going into 2018. We grabbed coffee, gathered in front of our chalkboard, and the basic framework for our culture code was born.


Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  •  Things your company should be focusing on in 2018:
    • Video - We stress this all the time. It's the future of marketing!
    • Your company culture - Make sure your employees understand your company's values.
    • Your employees - Happier employees means success for your business. So make sure to listen to them and gather their input. That's exactly how we established our culture code.


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